Monday, February 11, 2008

Durbar the Super Dopey Dog

There are plenty of street dogs here (and all developing countries it seems) but none like Durbar.
I think Durbar is a mix of Black Labrador Retriever and a shoe (the shoe part is where he gets his brains). We call him Durbar because he lives in front of our house in Durbar Square. He is a large remarkably friendly dog that has not realized he is a street dog. We actually seek him out on a daily basis for a few minutes of dopey dog play.

Durbar’s greatest claim to fame is his fondness of Chinese people. Whenever he sees them (not local people or western people) he is compelled to literally run over to them and just mingle…sometimes smelling a butt or two. I am fond of watching this because inevitably a woman looks down at Durbar. Big mistake! Durbar takes this as a sign that he is supposed to jump up on the woman. At that point, the woman always shrieks. Of course, Durbar, due to his immense intelligence, takes this as a sign to lick and nibble on the woman. Ultimately, the woman gets him off of her and Durbar goes back to the butt smelling
thing. Quite entertaining.

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