Sunday, March 30, 2008

Will he die?

Durbar, the world's greatest dog who I wrote about before, is very sick. The other day a group of Chinese tourist went by and he did not jump on anyone...he barely looked. We knew things were bad.
We decided to track down a vet and have him look at him. Distemper. Crap. The doctor said the mortaility rate is about 90%. We tried to give him food with medicine but he is not eating. We wanted to take him to a clinic and they said there is nobody who will take a sick street dog to Kathmandu to a clinic. We're going to give him a shot tomorrow morning but he is so weak I can not imagine him making it.
I know he is just a stupid street dog, but we both love the big dope. Sucks.


Dave said...

Hey Steve and Sandy, I really hope that Durbar pulls through! I know how much you guys love the big lug. keep us up to date.

Yogi said...

Hi Steve and Sandy,

I am really moved by your love to a street dog. I am wondering what happened to the body of Durbar?

Glad to hear that Durbar was reborn as Max! I am sure you both will take good care of Max. He must have done something very good in his previous life to get guardians like you.