Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Letter From My Burmese Friend

A good friend of mine, Pone Pone, who is a Burmese refugee wrote a note to me morning what is happening in Burma right now. The grammar is not perfect, the feelings are.

Dear Steve

look at the news on Burma
so many people are killed and suffered by deadly cyclone
upsetting me lots
people, lots lots...will be in trouble

hope we could do anything for these people
Do you think?

please pray for these people who are died and injured from wherever you are
I think these people are free now fom the cruel government
People are alive with no hopes, so the death take these people to the freedom at least

Wishing you to be safe and free with dream of hopes

If you want to help these wonderful people, CNN has a list of organizations trying to help them here.

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