Saturday, November 07, 2009

Really Big and Small People

Today we had a car wash to raise money for Se Teu, the boy who drank acid. As usual, the students were great. They mostly laughed (ok...I heard some complaining at the end) and worked their little hearts out. It was great seeing them in a different situation because you really get a better view of who they are...the leaders, the hard workers etc.

I really did not know what would happen with this whole fundraising thing, but it has turned out great.

On a less wonderful note, a teacher at the middle school that shares the track next to the school decided it was unsafe to have students use diluted dish detergent in "her" area. We were washing the cars on concrete next to a drain, so there were two wet spots from the water that was about 5 by 10 meters each. There were no other students even outside, so it was hard for me to see the danger. When the principle decided to appease her and asked me to move it, I did not complain because he is a nice man. Cost us an hour between moving the supplies and the cars and getting the students going again.

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