Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost killed again-Korean driving is *#!

We just got back from our nightly walk and we almost got killed, again.  Dude takes a turn too wide, jumps the curb and runs up the sidewalk where we were walking and misses Sandy by a foot. Total crap.

A month ago a friend was jogging on the sidewalk and an idiot decides to drive down the sidewalk to park his car (an all too common event).  He does not see my friend and almost hits him from behind.

Last year a colleague was driving me to work.  We were stopped at a red light and all the sudden he yells and drives into the middle of the intersection. A second later a woman zooms by us at 6o miles an hour. She did not even slow down for the stoplight that we were stopped at.  My colleague turned to me and said, "I just saved your life"  and he did.

I hate the drivers here.  They are by far the worst I have seen anywhere.  You can not go on a simple trip in your car without several idiots doing something that would make you scream in a rationale world.

This is not just an observation by a raving lunatic (I tend to get that way when my wife almost gets killed).  It was the topic of a speech given by a student who has been in four serious car accidents. It also the observation of the OECD which says that Korea is the most dangerous country for pedestrians.  

There is so much going right with this country, but the driving is not one of them. 

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