Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Kids

I am really enjoying the students this term.  The things I like the most these days are:
  1. Enthusiasm.  There is just nothing like coming to school and having kids scream "Steve-uww"from the windows.
  2. Generosity- The single greatest trait of most Koreans is how they share.  If a kid buys some food, they always share it.  The same is true with my colleagues. 
  3. Closeness- I love it when I see a couple of high school girls walking around holding hands and just laughing like little school girls. It seems in most places kids are in such a rush to grow up, they can not enjoy adolescence.
  4. Notes-I often get thank-you notes from the kids...usually with a few grammatical mistakes which for some unknown reason, makes them even better.

Kids have problems here, but there is an awful lot that the rest of the world could learn from a country where kids study hard, don't do drugs, don't have a lot of sex, and are generally just not snarky like they are elsewhere.

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