Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A crazy day...and then a spider jumps in my underwear

Incredible happiness, sadness, and weirdness. Welcome to Monday.

8 am
Abbha, a girl I have known for years got married. She is 26, she has graduated from college, worked some and, from all reports, is marrying a decent man with a good business.

This is not the way it was meant to be. She was born in a tiny village in the jungle. Her mom died when she was very young and she was given to a children's home. She had everything going against her except the good people at Baan Unrak and her spirit. I had tears in my eyes watching her taking another big step. Incredible happiness.

I met a friend who I have known for years. He is a great man who has saved many people on many levels. We always laugh so much I could not wait to see him. He told me he has cancer and is going to die, probably soon. Incredible sadness.

I met Boi Pop Chan, a girl my kids at the volunteer club have been buying medicine for. She is actually moving her eyes a bit and can recognize her parents. She will never “get better” and did have some serious trembles, but she looked better overall. Kind of happy.

Met Doung Dao, a really cute kid with a whole in her heart. She probably needs an operation, her mom is not sure she wants to do it and does not want to go to the doctor again until her daughter really needs it (i.e. shows serious symptoms). Kind of sad.

Went to see a friend but he was not home. His kids were and I am crazy about them. They have had a lot of bad luck in life. They were the happiest I have ever seen them. Kind of happy.

Ate dinner at my favorite restaurant. They were very excited to see me and I felt the same way. Kind of happy.

Watched a little boy picking the garbage for plastic. Kind of sad.

Went to a big festival at a temple and thought “Am I going to vomit or have diarrhea? It quickly became apparent that diarrhea was the winner and I hurried to the toilet. All toilets full of poo seats covered in mosquitoes. I think I will lift the seat and squat. Pants around the knees, squat over the toilet, begin business, freak out the spider in the bowl, spider jumps to rim of toilet. Spider jumps into my underwear. Perfect 10.

Time to write all this crap down before I forget. Drink a beer so I will forget.