Thursday, July 26, 2007


Attitiya is one of my favorite little girls because she is kind of the underdog. She has a sweet but sad disposition. When she laughs and giggles it is impossible not to join in.

Attitya's father, knowing that he was going to die of cancer and that Attitya's mother did not love her decided to bring her to Baan Unrak children's home. The father died 3 months later and the mother never came to visit.

6 months ago a volunteer doctor was doing exams on the children and found she had a whole in her heart which could be fatal.

Attitiya is not a Thai citizen so she can not get medical care unless Baan Unrak finds donors to help. Thus far they have raised about $1500 of the $5500 they need. If you know who can help her or would like to help yourself, please let me know at

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