Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gumpin again

Today I was following up on a lead to get donated medical supplies. It was something that a friend had tried to put together for some people in Thailand and it just did not work out. I made a call this morning to the organization and after a half hour talk the man I was speaking with said, "I know an organization with $400,000 in medical supplies and nobody to give it to in Thailand." After I wiped the poop from my shorts I told him I could find an organization.

The organization I was trying to help can not take a full container with 20 pallets of supplies so I will have to start searching for others. I have written one and will contact some others. Either way, a pretty cool morning.

PS. My sister officially hates me for the picture I posted below of her daughter who is really quite cute (but a bit of a goofball).

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