Friday, August 10, 2007

My Rich Friend

Joyti has been a friend for the last 3 years. She lives in a very simple bamboo house with a metal roof on land she does not own with her mother, father, two year old daughter.Her husband earns a modest income and is able to be home a couple of days a month. The strange part is I think she is probably the richest person I know.

I go to visit her once a week or so. Sometimes to help her with a little project which helps old Burmse soldiers who fought alongside the British, sometimes just to hang out. Her little bamboo house can barely contain the visitors and the laughter. I have never been there when there have been fewer than 5 friends visiting her. About half the time she has those in greater need visiting for food. I think it is much more difficult to be generous when you have next to nothing. Truly an inspirational friend.

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