Monday, August 27, 2007

A Visit to the Embassy

We went to the US Embassy a few hours ago to register and while there, we witnessed a couple of amazing situations. While waiting our turn we heard the clerk (an American behind bullet proof glass) saying, "I do not have time for games. I checked your documents. They are fake. Do you understand? Ok, I am going to have it translatted to Nepali." This is done over the speaker and the 20 people waiting focus their gazes on the conversation.

The translator begins and keeps translating the rest of the conversation. "I know these are fake. You have two choices: admit these are fake and you will not be able to go to America now but you can reapply in the future. Lie to me and tell me they are not fake and you will never go to America." Then our name was called...crap! I wanted to let someone go ahead and see what happened next.

We finished our transaction and another family was in front of the same guy. Apparently they got a letter that said they had to wait a week to get approved... they were nervous and confused. The same guy who was so tough a minute before said, "don't worry, we are just finishing the paperwork. Come back next week. I am looking forward to welcoming you to America".

2 minutes later the same guy (lucky guy) says to another woman, "I am really angry, these documents are faked. Do you think we do not check these documents? You heard me with the other man. You have the same two options...." Again our name was called.

There was a young woman in the next line and the clerk asked her a couple of questions and then said, "Your non-immigrant visa is approved. Please come back in one week for your passport. " You could see the little jump in the girls knees when she got the news and a beaming smile as she turned away from the clerk. We saw her on the street and said "congratulations!" and got a repeat of the beaming smile.

It was a great show...I wonder if I can go back just to watch.

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