Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monkey Laundry Time

Sandy was in the mood to do some more laundry by hand (ok that may be a lie) and decided to go to our roof garden to hang it out to dry. She was about halfway done when she realized the sounds she had heard earlier in the day were not the annoying raven like was a good size monkey. The monkey, who was about 10 feet from Sandy eating my plants, looked to be about 2 feet tall while seated...maybe 3 feet or more when standing. Her heart began to beat rapidly and decided to head down the stairs into the house when the monkey began to approach. She said she got the door closed and just in time. Once Sandy could breathe again, she decided she needed a picture of the monkey. She went and got the camera and quickly took a picture.
We had been warned to never leave our windows open when we are not home because the monkeys will come into the house and wreck havoc.
Who knew laundry could be so much fun...maybe I will try it sometime (another lie)

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