Sunday, September 23, 2007

So I am having desert and a goat walks in.

Sometimes my life hardly seems real.

Last night Sandy and I stopped by a shop for some sweets. We were chatting to the daughter or the owner who we have become friendly with and a goat walked into the doorway of the shop. This is one of the non-edible ones that they have wondering around the city (more about that later).

We watched as one of the workers dutifully walked over to the goat and gave it a snack and it left. The daughter of the owner told us that the goat comes every night and will not leave until they give it a snack. Given the overpowering stench that the creatures have, it makes sense to feed them and get them on their way.

As we walked out of the shop, the goat had stopped at the next shop and was on its' knees waiting to be fed there.


Linea's aunt said...

ha Muktinath (not sure of the spelling) we watched a yak wait outside the hotel restaurant door until someone came out with a bowl of something and let him eat it in the entranceway..then he wandered away.

steve said...

Two nights later we were walking along the street and another goat(but it could be a yak...not sure) was eating fruit from one of the baskets. We told the shop owner she said never mind.