Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We made our way to Costco in Deague the other day. All was the same as in the US until I wanted to get some onions for my hot dog. There was a line of 5 people for onions... no big deal. The dude was filling up the onion dispenser and I would get my onions and be on my way. The first women started twirling the handle for the onions. When her platee was full, she added ketchup and mustard to mix together for a side dish. I could not believe she would do that until the next person did it, and the next person did it again. Apparently they do not use the onions for the hot dogs, they use them as a free side dish.

Thankfully I got mine prior to the machine running out again (2 more people got their side dishes prior to the dispenser being emptied).

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