Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Roh!

Last Saturday the very controversial ex-President, Roh, took his own life. He was under investigation for corruption as every ex-President for a generation has been in Korea. People are understandably in shock and are morning his passing by visiting special temples and putting banners all over the country.

It is very difficult to discuss this matter because just as he was controversial in life, Roh is controversial in his death. His supporters blame overly zealous prosecutors and ultimately the current President for Roh's death. His detractors blame Roh himself and say the prosecutors were just doing their job. Arguments break out quite quickly and loudly. The emotions are running so high that the current government is struggling to find a way to memorialize Roh without having riots.

I think about it on a more personal level: how could he do this to his family? They will always suffer from his actions.

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