Saturday, July 18, 2009


We attended Sandy's middle school English camp this week. English camps are supposed to be fun ways for students to use and enjoy English in a more casual setting. The kids spent two days and one night at camp.

We had some lessons where the students had to write and read stories. Given that the students are in their 1st year of middle school (7th grade), I was surprised how well most of the kids did.
We played a lot of games. This one was balloon pass game where the kids had to pass a balloon between their legs to one another and say a sentence in English. The kids were not keen on doing this between boys and girls, but one pair had no choice. It was pretty impressive that they were able to do it without touching each other in any way.

They played a game where one of the students had to do push ups...clearly she enjoyed herself.

This game the students had to hit the word we were saying with a fly swatter.
Most kids have no chores at home and never cook for themselves, so it was fun for them to make meals with instructions in English.
Sandy's middle school is brand new, so we were able to take advantage of the boob shaking chairs (OK they are really massage chairs but it had the same effect). Looking at this picture, I always thought I had a chin...quite a disappointment to learn otherwise.
The new school is like a resort. The auditorium and bathrooms are beautiful.

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Who's boobs are you talking about, yours or Sandy's?
Your frined,
Mr Diversity