Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What are you selling?

Most large grocery stores are loud places, especially on weekends. They are filled with demonstration girls who wear short cheerleader outfits with thick socks. They are usually tall and beautiful and call everyone to their display...except for me. I get a weird uneasy smile from most of them...pretty much the same as I get when any beautiful girl sees me anywhere in the world, but here I think it is because they do not speak English.

There are lots of guys yelling in the fish market, but the pic was not nearly as interesting.
Businesses hire promotional dancers to attract attention to big sales or new store openings. I got to admit the loud music and the dancing catches my eye.

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Anonymous said...

What does that say about Sandy? I get uneasy around you too and give you strange looks. It's nice to know you make people uneasy across international lines.
Your only friend,
Mr. D.