Tuesday, August 03, 2010

6 feet + 5 feet + 8 inches= Motivated students

University students have come to our school for a few days to give the students some counseling (whatever that means). I was driving up yesterday and saw a girl I did not recognize. She was about 6 feet tall (5 feet of which were legs) and about 120 pounds. She had on ridiculously short shorts...maybe 8” from the waist line to the cuff.

I was talking with a boy later in the day and asked about the counseling session. He got that shit eating grin that every horny high school boy gets with the obligatory throaty Beavis and Buttheadesqe laugh. Yup, Super Legs worked with all the boys in his class. He explained that a lot of the boys had not done the work to prepare for the counseling, so once they found out she was doing it, there was a mad rush to complete it properly so they could be first to talk to her.

In short, Super Legs was able to accomplish something I haven't (motivating the boys) with a nominal amount of effort (and fabric). The girl is a freakin' genius.  

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Naz said...

thats wat we call "girl power":-)