Monday, November 15, 2010

Do Something Good 2nd Month

The volunteer club seems to be going pretty well.  Sometimes it is like making sausage, disgusting to watch, but the end results are good.

The club has about 40 members and is doing the following projects:

Sister School:  Students are raising money to help pay for salaries for teachers in a little school in the jungle.  It is an interesting little village of about 100 people that has been decimated by the pollution caused by a local mine.  Their school is a bamboo hut and their teacher has not graduated high school.  With a bit more money, they can get a better teacher.

Health Care: The students are raising money for a 12 year old girl named Boi Pop Chan who had TB meningitis 3 or 4  years ago and had a lot of brain damage. Since then she is paralyzed, she can not speak, eat on her own or do anything. So her mother is taking care of her full time, so has no income. The father of the kid is a Mon (Burmese ethnic group) soldier. The mother use to be in the Mon army too, as a nurse, but had to stop to take care of her child.

The Mon army is paying for a small house for this kid and her mother. The community is providing them with food. The kid now has a lot of convulsions due to her condition. So she needs to take medicine twice a day. So her monthly treatment just for the convulsions is 1000 baht (about $35) a month. The kids will raise money to pay for that for a while at least.

Animal Care: There are over 100,000 street dogs in Bangkok.  The students are raising money to help support for a spay and neuter program at a clinic for street dogs.

Local Projects: A group of students is looking to help kids, handicapped and old people.  They are going to participate in an event for handicapped people in two weeks.

In the next week or so, the fundraising projects start.  More about that later.


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