Monday, November 15, 2010

Toilet Cleaning Fool

I just got busted.

Kids here (and in Japan) are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms.  As you might guess, high school boys definition of clean differs slightly from the normal person.

I do not worry too much about the toilets because I do everything in my power to not use squat toilets. Urinals and sinks are hard to avoid, so I periodically sneak in and clean them when the kids are in class.

Today I was just about finished with the 2nd round  of cleaning (it takes a few tries to get the shmootz off) and in walks the Principal.  "What are you doing?"  damn...I was busted.  I really did not want anyone to know because I think people would think it was odd.  I explained the bathrooms were just too dirty and I could not stand it. I showed him the chemicals I bought to clean it.  He looked around, "Very clean!".  Soon we were discussing the chemicals and how everyone complains about the toilets.  Then he was on his way after his trademark, "Very Good".

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