Sunday, December 31, 2006

How it happened

As mentioned in the previous post, a prominent monk was killed the day before yesterday. I went to the service to pay respects (you get none if you give none). I met his brother who told us what happened. Many people owe the temple money and they decided to clean up their finances and the monk was the only one who knew all of the information. One man apparently did not like this idea and hired a assassin. The assassin's brother over heard the conversation but did not know who was to be killed.

The monk was to have a meeting with a banker (who I also met last night), but the banker was late. The monk went to the bathroom where the killer was waiting. He shot him from a few meters away as he was leaving the toilet. The bullet went through the heart and he quickly bled to death.

After the murder, the brother of the assassin told the police of his suspicions. Unfortunately, the assassin had escaped. The police and army are looking for him but he has certainly fled to Burma by now. Two rebel groups along with the internal spies (who are everywhere) in Burma have said they will try to capture him but it will be difficult.

Will there be justice....we will see.

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