Friday, December 08, 2006

Scaling back

I was hoping to build bathrooms that would provide enough space for well into the future and do some other small projects around the temple (finish the kitchen and dining room and repair an additional bathroom). It looks like the majority of the money will come from my own pocket so I need to scale back on what I am doing. Right now I think I will make smaller new bathrooms and that is probably all I can do. It is too bad.


Marisa Narula said...

Steven, I sent out an email to various people who would probably want to make a donation for the kids' bathrooms. Andy had sent it to me, but people don't know where to send the money. I sent you a personal email also asking for bank details.

steve said...

Hi Marisa...I sent you an e-mail with the specifics on giving donations. I also have a post on the blog here:

I really appreciate your efforts on behalf of these children.