Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Indra, the man who runs TOIT, is upset with me because I pointed out his lies (in a polite way) and resigned. I did not say anything to any of the teachers, workers at the school or volunteers who visited because I truly wanted to give Indra an opportunity to change (i.e. not be a liar) and Sandy had bonded with the children and the other teachers, so she wanted to stay.

What was Indra's response? He gave Sandy a lame reason why she could not teach (something about needing to do some things to fulfill the curriculum and there would be no more English classes) . His girlfriend, who coordinates things at the school, said she thought that he did it because he was upset with me. The timing of his decision (the day he got my e-mail) seems to support her thoughts. The funny thing is that in his attempt to get at me what did he do?

He hurt the children at his school because a native English teacher is a valuable commodity.

He hurt the parents who may not talk with Sandy, but can see their children's reaction (they fight to hold her hand) when she arrives at the bus stop.

He hurt the other teachers because Sandy was having classes with them to improve their English. She taught classes with them and would teach their classes when they were not available.

The teachers, who like Sandy a great deal, probably have lost respect for Indra.

I imagine that Indra's girlfriend has less respect for him also.

I feel bad for Sandy because she is quite sad that she is not going to spend time with the kids. On the other hand, many schools desperately want her and she will choose one in the next few days. In a week or two, she will have fallen in love with more kids. Indra, on the other hand, will continue to be a very pitiful man.

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