Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whatever works

Tihar is the second most important Hindu festival in Nepal and the favorite with kids because they get presents. On one night, the young girls go around in the town in beautiful traditional outfits and do a little song and sometimes a dance to. The shopkeepers happily hand over a couple of rupees for their efforts.

The boys go the following night with a little different but just as effective approach. The boys start to chant an obnoxious chant (dose see dose) first in a low voice and as they get impatient, they get louder and louder. Finally, the shopkeepers get annoyed and give them a couple of rupees to get rid of them.
Late on the second note, we went to our favorite ice cream shop and tried the dose see dose routine. At first they were surprised, then they decided to offer me ice cream to shut up. It was too cold so we went on our way with a smile.

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