Friday, January 04, 2008

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Sandy started teaching at the same school as me and I think she is really happy especially since one of the kids in 2nd grade thought she was 19. I do not think she got too excited about this because another kid thought she was Chinese. Either way, a good first week.

A couple of bad things that happened are related to what I call the long scam. People befriending us and trying to ease money out of us. Our landlord in particular is really awful. Thankfully (or sadly) we do not trust anyone easily here so we have not been surprised or disappointed by these actions.

The ugly...well there is no other way to say it but black boogers. There brick factories all over the area. You really do not know how bad the pollution is until you blow your nose (or pick if you prefer) and find a tissue full of black boogers.

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