Saturday, January 12, 2008


At lunch yesterday, I heard the familiar chants going down the street as were eating at. I went to investigate and there were thousands of people, including many students and adults, who joined in the Maoist rally. How can the Maoist get such big crowds when polls show them to be so unpopular.

A week ago we had dinner with the Principle of our school. He explained the Maoist rallies to me. He said that the Maoist draw their ranks from the very poor who generally have no work. If their leaders call for a rally, they go because they have nothing else to do. The other political parties draw from the mainstream, the people who actually have something to do during the day.

What about the students? The Principle told me that his brother is the man who is responsible for the union, which is Maoist affiliated, that tightly controls the public schools in Bhaktapur. Thus, if you want to be a teacher, you go see his brother to get a job. If the school wants to fire a teacher, they can not. If the Maoist call for students to participate in a rally, the teachers take choice for the students.

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