Thursday, January 31, 2008


The US politics are interesting, but nothing compared to what happens here.

The strike last week over an increase in fuel prices by the national oil company was approved by the government which includes the Maoist. Then, the Maoist sent out their student unions to create havic and get the government to rescend the increase. If you forget about the first part (the Maoist approving the increase) and look only at the second the Maoist achieved something very popular with the people. Clever.

The Maoist have also said that they will have about 100 members of the YCL (Young Communist League) at each polling station for security and "campaigning". Given that the YCL continues to have forced "donations", beat innocent people, and kidnap people on a daily basis, I am guessing their idea of campaigning comes much closer to intimidation than campaigning

The government will have security at the polls, but most of them will be temporary police (meaning no weapons or any way to stop violence). The Maoist are against the Army being at the polls because they will have undue influence. For some reason, the government is going along with this idea thus far.

In addition to the Maoist problems, the Terai region which borders on India is becoming more and more violent. Initially it was just criminal behavior. Now it is becoming more politically motivated. They say they want their own seperate state and will oppose the polls if the government does not give into its' 13 demands.

Yesterday, a political group from the Terai region bombed a pro-election meeting that had thousands of people in attendance.

The twice postponed elections are slated for mid April. If they do not happen then, I fear the whole process will collapse. There are some reasons for hope and some to fear for the future.

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