Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Beef Update

As mentioned in an earlier post, a respected TV show (think 60 minutes) had a big broadcast a year ago on the dangers of eating American Beef and the incompetence of Koreans who were negotiating trade treaties with the US. US Beef was forced to stay off the shelves and the government was nearly toppled. It cost billions of dollars and badly damaged the reputation of the US.

Turns out, not surprisingly to me, that the episode was total crap and the Korean government indicated 5 staff members of the TV show today.

According to the Korean Times:

The indictment said "The distorted editing made viewers, who had had little information about the issue believe that the government negotiated poorly with the US and that American beef carrying a high risk of BSE (this is mad cow disease) contamination would be imported"

I brought this up with a Korean friend who said he still did not trust American beef. I guess it will take years for the damage to be undone. Pretty amazing stuff.

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