Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our diggs

Sure it needs some paint and has some of that Sanford and Son feeling to it, but we still call it home. This is the front which looks much better in the pic than real life.
Our family room with the inherited furniture which isn't too bad.

Our office with all of the books from the owner. We agreed to store them and let him use an extra room so we could have a lower rent.

Our bedroom is a good size and behind the curtains is a full wall closet area.
The kitchen has a oven. A rarity from what I am told. In case my students notice, yes there is a cabinet of wine. If you were always good, I would need none of it!

The night time view from the front walkway looks much better in the pic than real life, but it isn't too shabby either way.


Andrea O said...

Dear so sweet Steve and Sandy,

I was just perusing Facebook and amazed at the random crap people like to say about themselves and came across your photo. Of course I went on to check out your blog (so much better than Facebook's silly updates).

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. I don't know how it feels yet, as you did not, to lose someone you really love. I can't imagine your pain. I'm so sorry for the pain you are feeling. Have you learned much about how the Koreans think about death? Has it given you any comfort? Just wondering. It must be difficult to be and have been away.

I enjoy reading your postings so much. You are so funny, as always, and poignant. Kids that respect you and are there to learn--a teacher's dream! How are you adjusting to the demands of the environment? Still like your Japan experience? Thanks for posting pics and videos, too. It's wonderful to hear and see the interesting things that are happening with you everyday. Such is life abroad, isn't it? If anything--interesting.

I am enjoying life with my 17 month old daughter, beginning to speak. That is a joy. We may be leaving the DC area to move to the Northwest, based on my husband's great desire to get back there!

So there you have a comment on your diggs. Wait---they look very comfortable. :)

Andrea...from Ecuador? Remember me?

steve said...

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry we have not been in touch, hopefully next time we are back in the states.

I have really been touched by the reaction of my colleagues to my mother's passing. One interesting custom is they give money to someone when their parents have passed away. I felt strange accepting it, but to not accept it would have been rude.

Overall life has been very simple which is just what we want. We are quite happy with this experience.

Take care,