Sunday, June 14, 2009

Teenie Weenie

Not sure I would want to advertise my defficiency by wearing this brand
To my friends whose 1st language isn't English, teenie means small, and weenie can mean a part of a man's body that he would not brag about being small (it is below the waist and I do not mean feet).

My eagle eyed friend, Diane, noticed something that I missed (I could not get past teenie weenie). The sign also says "all that bear" and "fly to your dreams". I think I love this store...I must go back.


Diane said...

"Fly to your dreams" teenie weenie?
"All that bear" (or should it be bare?) teenie weenie? ha! You gotta get something from that store!

steve said...

I can't believe that I did not notice "all that bear"...I guess I could not get pass the Teenie Weenie part.