Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Made A Student Unpopular

A class that is full of very bright and somewhat naughty students objected to their homework. One student handed me a letter for the class (as a side note, her letter was 125 words which was the required length of the essay). They were trying to preempt me from scolding them like I did a different class. They said the vocabulary was far too difficult and it would take too long for them to write.

When I walked in, I noticed one girl quickly starting to translate her essay. She did not pay any attention to the discussion. After 15 minutes of the discussion, I noticed she had just about finished translating the essay. I picked up her essay and counted the words, 131...6 more than the students were required.

I interrupted the discussion my colleague was having with the students and announced that the girl had just completed her essay in 15 minutes. The boy, who was doing a remarkably good job arguing his point in English, said, "ok,ok" and the discussion was over.

I am now crazy about the student who completed the work so quickly, but I am pretty sure I am the only one in the room who was happy with her.

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