Thursday, December 03, 2009


Yesterday I sat through a meeting given at another school. I am sure the lecturers were good, but almost nothing was in English...not the writing or speaking. There were five of us there and we could not understand anything for hours.

While my mind was wandering, I thought "Why do lecturers teaching teachers how to be effective use methods that are so ineffective?" Is there anything more boring than watching a bunch of PowerPoint slides and a lecturer standing and talking? (The answer is "Yes", the same presentation given in a language you do not understand). I do not mean to be offensive, but it seems that everyone follows the same formula that is not great.

If I had that sort of class with students they would all be asleep. We are professionals, so we can not go to sleep (although one teacher was texting and another was nearly asleep).

I suppose if lecturers want people to pay attention, they should think of a regular group of students and try to be a bit more dynamic and have some real interaction.

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