Friday, December 04, 2009

Service Korean Style

I stopped at the bank the other day, it was closed..."too bad" I thought. My friend said, "Let me check" and went around the side and knocked on the door. She told them we really wanted to do some banking and they let us in through the side door a half an hour after closing.

A couple of days ago, I needed to exchange some coins for bills, so I went to the bank/post office around the corner from me. Like many small towns, our post office is privately owned. The owner is a really nice guy. We chatted for about twenty minutes while the clerk (who is always remarkably cheerful) took care of the transaction. The man thanked me (for what reason, I don't know) and gave me a box of dried persimmons.

I think that out of all the countries we have lived, people here have the most genuine desire to share and help. It seems that people get genuine pleasure from it. I know we get special treatment because we are foreigners, but I think it is a great part of the culture.

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