Monday, September 20, 2010

The Deadliest Mile

Today's paper had a story about Korean roads being the 5th most deadly in the world, but this is compared to the population.  Of course in a densely populated country, a lot of people do not drive so this statistic is meaningless.

A much more important measurement is the number of deaths per mile driven.  In this category, Korean roads are deadliest...slightly ahead of the Czech Republic and 20% ahead of Malaysia which was in 3rd.

Koreans are consistently some of the most thoughtful people I have met, but it seems that there is some sort of evil spirit that takes over their bodies when they get behind the wheel.

This weekend I was doing my usual driving/bitchin' about Korean driving when I realized I was nudging into traffic and being a slightly bad driver myself...I am afraid it is catching.

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