Thursday, September 09, 2010

High School Boys for Mature Women

There is an article in today's paper about male sites for young men to sell themselves to mature women.

More than a dozen male high school and university students have been caught by police for operating multiple online community sites brokering sexual encounters between younger men and older women.
 ...Of the 14, seven were high school students.... 
...Among community cafes they operated, one site had a membership of 550 adult females
I am not sure what to make of this.  I am guessing some of the "550 females" are really guys pretending to be girls and others are just playing around and not really seeking an encounter. That said, there must be a market for something like this.

According to the article, "The boys did it because they wanted to make money."  This part does not surprise me since there was another article today with a Reuters poll saying that Koreans are the most materialistic people in the world.

These sort of things really do shock me because the people I meet do not seem to be any more materialistic than people anywhere else. In addition, I know that there are sex related things in big cities, but we just see none of it here in our little town.

Even though I posted a few things lately that seem a bit negative, I really do think Korea is a great place to live, to raise a family, and to teach.

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