Wednesday, September 15, 2010


According to the UN, you are about 14 times as likely to be robbed in the US than in Korea. There are some conveniences that come along with safety; shop owners leave things on sidewalks overnight, bicycles are not locked in some areas, and nobody checks tickets on trains (but they do on subways).

My favorite recent crime story was about a man who was robbing a little private school.  When he produced a knife, the woman fell.  As she got up, they discussed why he was robbing the shop.  She pulled out a bible and they talked about it and he apologized and left.
Less than 20 minutes after he left, Cho came back to the institute and kneeled before Woo with teary eyes, asking her to report him to the police. Since she refused to do so, Cho called 112 (which is 911 in Korea) and turned himself in.
Only in Korea.

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Dan said...

112 is for non-emergency service from the police, so if you need an ambulance or someone with some authority immediately, call 119!