Saturday, December 25, 2010

TV Show-the call and craziness

We got a call on Tuesday from MBC, the biggest TV channel in Korea.  They saw the newspaper story about "No Uniform Day" and wanted to film all day on Friday so they could make an 8 minute segment in prime time about our volunteer club. Holy crap.

It could be great for
  • the kids...great to get recognition for doing something good.  Doing for others will start to be ingrained into who they are.  It will also be helpful for their university admission.
  • school...good publicity is a good thing of course.  The school has new owners and has some positive momentum. I especially want to do something for the Principal Vice-Principal and colleagues all of whom I really like and respect.  They have been great to allow the events in the school
  • club...I think the club might have legs.  When I go, some colleagues may want to continue it.
  • the they think about volunteering. 
On the other hand, Korean TV is sometimes silly and there was a very good chance the focus of the segment could be teachers wearing uniforms...funny but stupid.  It would do nothing for either the reputation of the school and the may even have a negative effect.  We needed a good plan.

Moonsook is my partner in the volunteer club.  She is like my Korean sister...funny, smart and a bit of a free thinker.  I am really lucky to have her working with me on this. She teaches the seniors and this is the busiest time of the year preparing documents for university admissions which is the priority. She did not have time for our normal communication and we ended up having a conflict over some miscommunication.  Thankfully, she and I are both Korean on some level (get angry and cool down quickly) and we got over it. We worked on a plan and began work. Thankfully, Kyueng Hee, a fabulously nice colleague, gave a helping hand working on some details and some communication and things progressed nicely.

On Thursday, the kids made cookies, decorated a holiday tree and started making banners for the big day.

You never know how people will perform in these situations.Some kids were real disappointments, while others shocked me in their work ethic and character.  One girl, Han Jin, is the biggest surprise.  I knew her a bit, but never thought of her as a leader, but a leader she is...maybe even a potential great leader.  Great work ethic, excellent character, and wonderful follow through.  She has greatness in her.

Since the school doesn't have an oven, I left around 6:00 so I could go home and bake the cookies they made. I had to leave with the banners and bulletin boards unfinished.  A few of the kids stayed behind and continued to work until late.  Would things be ready?

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