Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Great Time with the Volunteer Club

As I mentioned before some of my students in the volunteer club work with local disabled people on a monthly basis.  We just go to an area to help them play bocce ball  and chat with them. They love having the kids there...they bring lots of energy and help out a bit.  For the kids, it is a great way to get to know people they never would have.

The people who can throw the balls do.

 Those that cant use a little ramp.  One of the kids moves the ramp up and down, side to side.  The player holds the ball and lets it go on the ramp.

This month was special because there were new students and participants.  Of special note was a man with an incredible smile, great skin, and minuscule legs and tiny, disfigured, non-functioning hands.  He could not do much except kick everyone's but in Bocce ball.  Turns out he has the most incredible eye for the game.  He would have the helper adjust the ramp and then tell them where to put the ball on the ramp to get the proper speed.  Then, he told the helper to let go.

I told all the kids to remember him.  Even if someone is severely disabled, he or she can have some hidden talents.

It is funny how going to volunteer here each month has affected Sandy, me and the kids.  Before I would be uncomfortable when I was around people who were disabled.  Now I see them and I am looking forward to something interesting.  As usual, you get more than you give when you volunteer.