Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movie Night For a Boy's/ Girl's Operation

I wrote a couple of times about a boy, Min Se Teu, who drank acid who needed operations in Thailand. We decided to help him again.

The school festival was last month and the school let us have a movie night in the gym after the festivities.  We sold tickets, made and sold brownies as well as drinks and popcorn.  We ended up raising enough money to pay for an operation for a little boy.

The problem was, the little girl I mentioned before,Hnini Woot Hlwa , went to the doctor and they said she needed an operation on her eye right away to save her sight.  She needed a new lens put in and my friend decided to use the money for her.  It was the right decision and the kids do not mind.  We need more money to pay for both operations, but I think friends will be helping with this.