Friday, October 23, 2009

A Boy Needs Surgery Part 3

As I mentioned before, the students are trying to raise money to pay for operations for a boy, who is a Burmese refugee in Thailand, that drank acid.

The students are finished with mid term exams and are now going full steam on fundraising. We started making donation boxes yesterday and will raise money starting this week.

One girl, who secretly loves me but says she hates me, asked to not have her picture taken. Naturally, she will be in the first picture I post (she has the yellow blanket on).

I received an excellent ribbon tying lesson from one of the girls. Unfortunately, I was a much worse student than she was teacher and my ribbon had to be thrown away after everyone laughed at me.

The overview of the group. I can't believe we have 26 people now.

Surprisingly enough, the boys even had a good time.

I am doing a series of lessons about issues that children have including HIV, lack of education, access to health care...all exciting stuff (to me at least). The timing on the fundraising has been excellent since the kids are learning about issues and having an opportunity to do something about it.

I am really enjoying this and I think the kids are too.

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