Sunday, October 18, 2009


We spent a couple days in a training seminar in a near by city, Gyeongju. Sandy and I went there once before, but I never got around to writing about it.

The city is called an outdoor museum because it was the capital of Korea during the Silla dynasty about 1300 years ago and has ruins all around that shows off the power of the country during that time. This picture, which I took on the earlier visit, shows the natural beauty and some nice hills except they are not hills, they are burial mounds. They are all over the area and they have one that they have made a tunnel into the middle of to see how the ancient kings were buried. Small rooms with treasures covered with hundreds of feet of stone and dirt. Very cool.

As usual, the most exciting things happened by accident. When we were out for a walk, we happened upon a cultural festival which featured traditional Korean dancing and singing. We have become fans of traditional Korean drumming, called salmonori. I am normally not a big fan of traditional dance, but the fan dance was great.

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