Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Speech Contest Update 2011

Nearly three months have past and the kids are finally nearly ready for the contest on Saturday.  It has been three months of advising, scolding and laughing with the kids. I come to school a couple of hours early each day to meet with kids, I spend my lunches scarfing down food so I can meet with them during that time.  I am exhausted.

There will be about 24 kids this year, not bad, but less than I had hoped for. This year started with lots of kids, but almost all of the 2nd year students dropped out.  I think the ones who really wanted to do it, did it last year.  The others realized what a huge commitment it was and decided that they should spend their time on their studies.  A badly timed school trip also caused about 4 kids to drop out.

In the end, I am sure the contest will be like all of them.  Some kids will surprise me how well they do, others will forget.  In the end, I hope it will be a good time.  I will try to write again once it is finished.