Friday, October 26, 2007

Cockiness disolved

I have lost more weight here (I am guessing around 10 pounds). I have lost around 60 pounds since we started our journey in 2001. I do not weigh myself, but I think I am about the same weight as in high school (thank god I was fat in high school so I can make this claim in middle age!).

I was walking on this dirt road way back in this little village with Sandy today. Everyone was staring at us more than usual. Sandy said "I think they are starring at us because I am so small." Feeling confident in my new svelteness, I joked "I think they are looking at me, your waif husband". Sandy and I laughed a little.

Not 5 minutes later, two girls who looked to be 12ish are walking towards us. They start whispering to each other as we approach. This is not so uncommon here...usually they say "hello" and laugh. One girl walked up to us and said, "She is thin, you are fat". The girl started laughing as did I.

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