Tuesday, October 30, 2007

YCL go to hell

The Maoist signed an agreement and joined the government a little more than a year ago. Part of the process they signed on to was a Constitutioinal Assembly which would set up all the details for the form of government. All parties have agreed that the monarchy is dead and there will be a republic. The Maoist have made 22 new demands including a fully proportional voting system established before the Constitiutional Assembly and a republic declared before the assembly...not part of the agreement, but not unreasonable. Some of their other demands, like allowing their thugs be allowed to "advise" people at polling stations seems pretty outrageous.

The Young Communist League is the militia for the Maoist. They are reprehensible. Every day they commit more atrocities. Just this week they have:
  • beaten families (including 4 elderly men) for worshipping during the holiest Hindu holidays. They think that nobody should worship any longer.
  • They have kidnapped men and held them for ransom
  • They are suspected of kidnapping and killing a well known journalist (part of an intimidatioin program against the press)
  • They have begun forcing tourist to pay "fees" while trekking
  • They have taken the land of people who have been recently displaced and are harvesting the rice the people planted...presumably they will profit by it.
The Maoist became popular by going against the king and a ruling elite. Now the people understand what terrible men they are and they are very unpopular. Hence, they can not allow any elections to take place because the Maoist will lose the small amount of legitamacy they once had. The elections that were to take place in November (which the US gave $10 million to help pay for) have been postponed. Such wonderful people, such bad politicians. It is hard to see a way forward that does not involve a lot more blood shed. I hope I am wrong.

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