Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transportation Fascination Continued

We decided to leave Gorhka on the day following the main day for Daishain (see next entry), but being the celebration was still going in high gear there were no buses and only a few vans. After much trouble, we got our seats in a van. It was packed from the start and it continued to pick up people. By the time we got out of town, we had 36 people on the inside of the van including the ones holding on to the open door. There were 4 more people standing on the rear bumper and gobs more on top.

In addition, halfway down the hill, I realized the bag on my feet was actually someone’s dead goat. I surmised this by the foul smell, the bone that had pierced the top of the bag and the cool feeling of liquid (I am thinking blood) pooling at the bottom of the bag. There was no way to avoid it so we drove the 45 minutes down the hill with the goat carcass rubbing on my feet.

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