Friday, October 12, 2007

Kids with bags....damn

They walk the streets, usually in the early morning, with rice sacks dirtied from pillaging the garbage heaps in one of their little hands and a stick in the other. They work through the trash heaps, moving garbage one side to the other trying to find the right piece to collect for a few pennies to help their families. Some still look like children, just dirty. Others, like the girl in the first picture that I see many mornings, look more like little zombies on a mission to find the piece of garbage that will earn those pennies.Last night we had some food that we could not eat, so we were going to give it to some of the street dogs that rifle through the garbage near our house. There was a 8 year old girl with her sack going through the garbage just like the dogs do. A child living like a dog.

I have had a few meetings with NGO's to find out if there is something I can do; so far, no luck. Life isn't fair, but it is hard to believe how unfair (and saddening) this is.

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