Thursday, March 12, 2009

13th Move

Sandy and I are getting ready to move to our 5th country and 13th home. We will each bring a big suitcase and a carry-on. We can take one more each, but it is such a pain transporting them...hopefully this will be enough.

It is much more difficult to move to another country in some ways because you do not know what to bring. Fitted sheets do not seem to be popular anywhere we have been, so now we bring them and hope we guess the right size of bed we will have. I am a little fat compared to asians, will I be able to buy pants? Will they have tampons? In Nepal they did not have them at all. By the way, it is very comical to hear Sandy's stories telling colleagues about the use of tampons.

We leave on the 25th and arrive 23 hours later in Seoul.


Claytonian said...

good luck!

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