Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Day

I found out yesterday that I would be teaching at a high academic level high school in a small town here in Korea.  The similarities to my school in Japan are astounding.  The students look the same, act the same, and their abilities are about the same.  It should be great.

In Seoul they told us that we would be teaching on our first day.  On the bus to our town, they said we would not be teaching for two weeks.  At dinner last night, they said we would not be teaching until next week.   On my first day, I taught 3 classes.  Luckily, I had the lessons already made and they went really well and I enjoyed myself. I am told that change is the norm, so take it in stride.

We got to our new "apartment" last night and we realized that they had set us up in a dormitory for a junior high school.  Living in a studio apartment with boys running in the hallway until 11 pm does not work for us.  Since our contract calls for a proper apartment,  I think that everyone knows this will not work out and we will find a new apartment in the next few days.

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