Saturday, March 28, 2009

They had a stiff one after their flight

I was chatting with a guy this morning who flew over from the US on a different flight but at the same time we did.  He had a little incident on their flight. ..a woman died next to him. He said it was a bit surreal because part of the crew was giving CPR and trying to save her life, part was still passing, tea or grim reaper. The crew put the woman in a body bag,  propped her up in the seats by the bathrooms in the back of the plane and covered her with a couple of blankets.  A short 2 hours later, they arrived in Seoul. Unfortunately, their luggage took a different route.  No sign of it after 24 hours.

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Marianne said...

I was chatting with a flight stewardess on the way to Indianapolis, and she told me that someone on a previous flight, upon arrival, said that her elderly husband wouldn't wake up and whispered that she thought he was dead for a few hours. Creepy.