Friday, March 27, 2009

We're Here

After 25 hours of travel, we have made it Seoul. Seoul looks alot like Tokyo as we were lead to believe by my Korean sister in law. We have only been here a few hours, but there are a couple of interesting things.
The traffic in our area of Seoul is remarkably light...not sure why. There are lots of guys on motorbikes some carrying big loads like this guy.

A big surprise is the number of flags on telephone poles. On part of the ride in last night there were two on every pole.

The meetings begiin in a couple of hours, so I have to go run and read.


Anonymous said...

If I wasn't learning to play the banjo in TN, I would be in S. Korea with you. Have fun, good luck.
Your mentor,
Mr. Diversity

steve said...

Excellent news. If you have time, you should start playing the jug also.